DR Strings supply hand-made round core strings for the general retail market.

DR Strings supply hand-made round core strings for the general retail market.

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DR Strings

DR Strings are a US Company who started in 1989 with a vision of supplying hand-made round core strings for the general retail market. They offer strings which are long lasting with great tone, as well as a unique range of multicoloured and UV Glow in the Dark strings.

In 1989, DR Strings re-introduced hand-made round core string making to the general market. The core wire of a guitar or bass string is the foundation of how that string vibrates, how it feels, and how the guitar ends up sounding.That’s why DR offers a wide range of round core guitar and bass strings.

String making originated with round core construction, and even though it is more time consuming to make round core strings, DR maintain that it is worth it for their full tone, rich sustain and flexibility. It also allows for more contact between the core and the wrap wire. Their flagship artists include Dimebag Darrell, Victor Wooten and Jeff Berlin.

DR use only the finest American materials starting with the wire, to the ball ends, to the packaging, and winders take at least 6 months to learn their craft. It takes that long to develop a feel, an understanding, an instinct to make the constant tiny adjustments that only a hand can make. At each stage they test the wire, inspect each and every wrap during production to ensure its perfect, and then again as it is hand-packaged.

Innovative design is encouraged and in their testing lab, the DR staff experiment to design unique and different strings. Quietly, they have been one of the most innovative string companies out there, including the eye-catching range of multicoloured strings.

They guarantee that players will hear and feel the difference when they play DR handmade strings, and this is one of the reasons why such a small company make so many products: they listen and understand what guitar players are after, and they go for it.

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